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Fitzroy has finished his seafaring holiday where he did what must look suspiciously like a lot of work and not much holidaying. Now he is looking for a change and something that does not involve any mines (sea mines or otherwise). Due to inherent attraction to up and coming disasters and calamities he has learned that the nearby town’s underground water facility is in a state of disrepair and the town will soon be devoid of water. Describing it as a facility might be stretching it, it is more of a series of water caves with some water infrastructure here and there.

It is now Fitzroy’s challenge (as the only volunteer), (If there was anyone else I wouldn’t be telling the story, now would I?) to repair the facility and escape the monsters lurking below. So now our intrepid hero must go back underground (luckily for him this is a well-lit cave system unlike his previous cave experience) for a new adventure. Rumour has it the cave also contains treasure so now is the right time to save the town and get a tiny bit wet!

Fitzroy Dives Deeper is a platform game played both on land and underwater for the Amstrad CPC as a 2021 entry for the annual CPCRetroDev game competition.

The game has been developed using the amazing CPCtelera game library.

How to Play

Default controls are as follows (or rebind them to your own preference)

  • Left: Move the player left
  • Right: Move the player right
  • Up: Move the player upwards when in water with scuba gear.
  • Down: Move the player downwards when in water with scuba gear.
  • Z: Jump vertically (when out of the water) or quickly move upward when in water (boost) while carrying the scuba gear.
  • X: (Use) Activates an interactive object if Fitzroy is in front of it. (v1.1+ this also performs the shoot function if Fitzroy is not in front of an interactive object).
  • Space: (Shoot) Fires the weapon if Fitzroy has picked it up and has sufficient ammo. (v1.0 only)

Be sure to use a careful combination of boost and up in the water to maximise speed and control while avoiding the spikes!

Authors and Licenses

This game has been developed by:

  • Adrian Parker (awergh) - Everything but music

With some added help this year:

  • Eric Love - Music and testing

The game source code has been released under an MIT License.

The game was developed with the help of the following software:


Fitzroy in the Deep includes a gesture for Rainbow Islands in the form of a water chase section. If you climb the screen too slowly the water will catch up with you!

Compare the below screenshot with the other screenshot on the page to see the water has climbed.

Install Instructions

On a real Amstrad CPC:

Loading from disk: 

  • Type Run”Game and press Enter 

Loading from tape: 

  • Press CTRL and the Small ENTER key, then press Play.

Using an emulator:

You can play the game using any Amstrad CPC emulator (WinAPECPCEC, RetroVirtualMachine). 

Load the game file into the emulator, then type RUN" and press ENTER.

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Fitzroy Dives Deep Manual v1.0.pdf 241 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep v1.0.cdt 42 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep v1.0.dsk 199 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep v1.0.sna 64 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep Source Code v1.0.zip 220 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep v1.1.cdt 42 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep v1.1.dsk 199 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep v1.1.sna 64 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep Source Code v1.1.zip 221 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep v1.2.cdt 42 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep v1.2.dsk 199 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep v1.2.sna 64 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep Manual v1.2.pdf 248 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep Source Code v1.2.zip 223 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep v1.3.cdt 42 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep v1.3.dsk 199 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep v1.3.sna 64 kB
Fitzroy Dives Deep Source Code v1.3.zip 239 kB

Development log


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gracias por el juego

I have downloaded the 1.3 version! Thanks for the changes in level 3! Now it seems fully playable!! I wish I am able to keep going on through the game and hopefully finish it one day!

Your welcome. With all the changes together it should be a bit easier to finish then the original v1.0.

I can confirm I have recently played the game from start to finish on brutal in one sitting without losing a life :). However that took many attempts and I had the advantage of a lot of practice.

I hope you can make it all the way through the 10 levels, some of them are quite difficult but level 4 should be easier than level 3.

Some things that might help you:

- Using jump in the water makes you go up faster than only using the up key.

- If there is a spike there should be some way to line yourself up to ensure you don't take any damage.

- Don't try to rush too much as its far easier to make mistakes but of course you can't go too slowly because of oxygen.

You get to decide what it means to complete the game, it could be finish each level individually on easy and making use of checkpoints and level codes, or playing from start to finish on the hardest difficulty. Each is valid, I'm just happy for the game to be played :).

(1 edit)

I love this game. Since the graphic style (which reminds me the first era of CPC games) to the lovely music that fits perfectly to the game. Platformers with some exploration and not too many pixel perfect jumps or moves are some of my favorite games so I am loving it. I see some inspiration in the aquatic levels of The New Zealand Story as well. Congrats to the developers 👏👏👏👏

Thanks, I tried to avoid too much in the way of pixel perfect jumps and movement (I may not have succeeded fully but hopefully close).